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Product Guarantees

Adamstown Veterinary Hospital is very proud to offer manufacturer supported product guarantees through our online pharmacy.

What does this mean to you, our clients?

While most online veterinary pharmacies state they guarantee the products they sell to the public, their guarantees are limited compared to those offered by your neighborhood veterinary hospital. Most online pharmacies, will refund your money for the product or even promise reimbursement to you for treatment up to a certain monetary amount – but this doesn’t always mean their guarantee is “no hassle”.

Adamstown Veterinary Hospital is proud of the relationships we have built over the years with our product manufacturers and we do all the legwork to get your reimbursement if the is a product has caused your pet to become sick.

Doesn’t the manufacturer make it difficult to get reimbursement?

Not at all, in fact, the manufacturers want veterinarians to report issues with their products when a pet becomes ill or has an adverse side effect. The manufacturer uses the pet’s medical history and data collected to better their product or save other pets from the same potential issue. The product technical support teams are extremely helpful and want to ensure your pet has a quick recovery from the issue as soon as possible.

Reimbursement isn’t immediate, right?

Most manufacturer reimbursements can take 6 to 8 weeks after the event is reported and closed.

But, I won’t get all my money back – that’s the hassle part!

At Adamstown Veterinary Hospital, we understand how stressful the out of pocket expense can be when a pet has an unexpected reaction or illness from a product, so being able to work with the manufacturer for our clients is very rewarding.  Most of our clients are surprised at how much a manufacturer is willing to cover for a reported issue with their product. (Actually, many times our team is even surprised and overjoyed to give the client the news!)

An example of a manufacturer guarantee is covering all the costs of treatment for a pet who tested positive for intestinal parasites and had gastrointestinal distress. The treatment cost the pet owner several hundred dollars and it was fully reimbursed and covered by the manufacturer, in just a matter of a few weeks after being reported.

Can’t I get this same guarantee from the current online pharmacy I use?

Unfortunately, we can’t speak to their specific guarantees, but we can say manufacturers are more inclined to assist veterinarians because we buy the products directly from their authorized distributors. We also have individual relationships with all of their field representatives, who are more than willing to help us when an issue arises.

When you buy a product from your pet’s veterinarian, you are purchasing the trust that is built between the manufacturer and the hospital. With trust comes a guarantee, that all parties want what is best for your pet and all pets who use the product.